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KERDADA Hotel (Formerly TRANSAT) ****

Kerdada Hotel (formerly Transat) was built at the beginning of the 20th century, on the 25th December 1913, it was inaugurated under the name of “Le Petit Sahara” by Bailly Victor probably descendant of Jean sylvain Bailly family(1736-1793) who is one of the major astronauts of the XVII century and also a leading French politician, president of the national assembly in 1789 then mayor of Paris. In 1925 l “Le Petit Sahara” hotel was sold to the “Trans- atlantique” company by Mrs veuve Bailly.

  • Category: 04 stars.
  • Surface area: 6500m².
  • Number of rooms: 42 including 01 suite senior and 02 suites Junior.
  • Address :   Rue de la république. BOU-SAADA.
  • Phone:       + 213.( 0) à 07.
  • Fax :            + 213.( 0)
  • e-mail:       [email protected]
  • Web site:
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